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もし興味を持ったなら、メールにてお問い合わせください。電話では受付しておりません。連絡先: info@scalecar.net
If you have interest, please contact me by e-mail.To Overseas
AMR Annecy 330p4 No24 Diorama. Price is 80000JPY.
AMR F40 Factory Built. 100000JPY
Bosica miniature garage set. 60000JPY(Sold Out)
Bosica ALFA ROMEO 1750 ZAGATO color is White 60000JPY(Sold Out) One place of pin of the door behind comes off.後ろのドアのピンが1か所はずれてます。
黒色の個体もありましたが売れました。Bosica ALFA ROMEO 1750 ZAGATO color is Black 60000JPY(Sold Out)
Ferrari P4/5 built by Fabrice Marechal. 100000JPY. Other photoscheck p4/5
Ferrari 250gto Proto-type. GAMMA Models Factory built. 10000JPY.
Ferrari 412p. AMR Annecy Built by Prof. 30000JPY.
Ferrari 412p Bosica kit built with Diorama. 50000JPY
Ferrari Dino 246 GT AMR built by H.Duband. Sold out.
CAR Bosica 330p4 Price is 15000JPY.
330p4 #20 TENARIV kit Built. Price is 3000JPY.
330p4 1967 le Mans #19 #21 #24 Provence kit Built( 3 cars set ). Sold out.
330p4 1967 le Mans #24 AMR Annecy. Built by JMR43. Sold Out.
MERI KITS Ferrari 126C2 GERMAN 82 TAMBAY Full. Built by Massimo GRASSI. Sold out.
P4/5 Base kit YOW built by Built up Models Sold out.
Ferrari 375MM Bosica kit built by Prof. Sold out(30000JPY).
AMR 250GTO #1 Mini Diorama. Sold out(20000JPY).
AMR Annecy 330p4 Spyder #23 Build by Fred Suber.and a Book(Book Collection) Sold out(100000JPY).
MARSH kit built by Romu(Japan) Sold out(30000JPY).
CAR Codolo Model Lim10ps. Price is Sold out(40000JPY).
Ferrari330p4 #224. Alfa Romeo 33/3. Porsche 718/8 RSK Lim50ps H.T.M(Histric Targa Models Club) Pric is Sold out(20000JPY).
Ferrari P4/5 competizione Base Kit YOW Built By Chan Rosso. Sold Out(70000JPY).
Ferrari P4/5 competizione Base Kit YOW Built By Chan Rosso. Sold Out(70000JPY).
BBR Ferrari F40 LM Fuji White. 25000JPY. Sold Out.
AMR Kit Base Ferrari 250 GTO FullDetail Built by J.MADRAZO. Sold out(100000JPY).
Some kits.
●Kit CAR 330p4 #21,#24. Price is 15000JPY.Sold Out.

●Kit AMR Annecy 330p4 Spyder #6, #7, #20. Price is 25000JPY. Sold Out.

●Kit AMR Annecy 330p4 cope Price is 27000JPY. Preowned.

2002 Ferrari Enzo Lithography Portfolio - limited edition. Price is 50000JPY.
Art of 250GTO driven by Graham Hill by artist Enzo Naso.The print is signed, number 92 of only 400 prints. Price is 25000JPY.(Sold Out)
Art of Engine. Sold Out.
Ferrari P4/5 built by Pro Lex Rijsdijk from a Yow kit . Sold out.
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