1/43 P4/5kit Comparison
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今回UONOMEMINIさんから頂いたP4/5(UONOME P4/5)をYOW、D&Gと比較してみましょう。
YOWキットのP4/5Cは少し小さく見えるのは気のせいかな? フロント先端部からフロントガラスまでの距離が違います。それとリアのカウルとディフーザの部分がそれぞれ違います。とてもユニークな仕上がりになっています。
Let's compare P4/5 of UONOMEMINI (UONOME P4/5), YOW, and D&G this time. Although it is comparison of a front portion, the portion of the front grille of P4/5 of Mr. UONOME is a little somewhat large. Doesn't back front form differ greatly? Some of these three shots are uncanny. Please look at two big photographs (appearance is only large). Can the way of the YOW kit do front nose sharply a little? Is it the result of the portion of the flow of the air of a front? As for P4/5C of a YOW kit, it is fancy that it looks somewhat small? Is the distance from a front tip part to a windshield different? Each of Cowl differs from portions of the flow of back air. It is very unique. If the photograph from width is seen, is the thickness of a fender portion different? Finally, is it liking of an individual? To Mr. UONOMEMINI, I express gratitude.
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